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As many of you know I attended The Womens Wellness Weekend in Nashville last week.  The conference was on all things wellness including fitness, nutrition, spirituality and yes…sex.  I learned a lot and was so happy to be inspired by so many knowledgeable women.  One speaker who grabbed my attention was Dr. Jana.  My sister has been a patient with Dr. Jana for over a year now and I always hear how much the Dr. has helped my sister and her family.  

I would be lying if I said there was a part of me that was not a little skeptical about the benefits of coconut oil and cutting out certain foods, but I decided to listen with an open mind and an open heart.  As Dr. Jana gave her presentation things began to make more sence and I understood why small changes had helped my sister and her family on their path to wellness.  Dr. Jana gave a 12 weeks to wellness plan that is broken up in to 3 phases.  

Phase 1 is the hardest because you eliminate a lot of foods from your diet.  This is because there are SO many foods out there that cause problems in our bodies that we are not aware of.  Below is the introduction from Dr. Jana and the list of approved foods for “Phase 1”.  

Please remember I am not a nutritionist and you should always check with YOUR doctor or health care provider before beginning any type of diet/meal plan and exercise program. 

In order for the body to heal and permanently decrease body fat, we must wipe the slate clean by removing inflammation and toxins from the body. This starts with a system of detoxification combined with an alkaline and anti-inflammatory diet. Therefore, regardless of your condition, this is where we MUST begin in order to lose weight and start the healing process. I have tried to make implementation of this process easy for my patience by outlining a system of “approved foods” in the following literature. It is critical to commit to a healthy lifestyle if you truly want to feel better, lose weight, and stay on track for many years to come. This is not a temporary weight loss program for patients. This will be a learning experience in which patients learn how to make more educated health decisions, how to regain their health without being overwhelmed, how to stay on track for a lifetime, how the human body REALLY works, as well as how to become more proactive throughout this transition to a better life! Your health is your greatest wealth! I have worked extra hard to make this transition into natural health an enjoyable and rewarding experience! Welcome to “Phase 1” and a journey that will forever change your life. Also know that you will cheat and fall off the plan. We all do. Its how much discipline you pick up along the way to walk down the healthy path and respect the amazing body you have been blessed with that really matters. You did not lose your health overnight, so this is a process. It requires dedication and yields amazing results. Be patient and enjoy the journey.” 

During Phase 1, your body will become more sensitive to insulin, food addictions and cravings will begin to cease, the body’s natural processes (blood pressure, blood sugar, metabolism, hormone systems, etc) will begin to normalize, and food allergies and skin problems will begin to diminish. You might experience unpleasant symptoms as your body lets go of toxins, but this is perfectly normal. Detoxification is a critical step in the healing process.” 




Approved Foods – Phase I
Meats (Hormone-free/organic is best, but non-organic is still permitted):
Beef Lamb Venison Liver & Heart (must be organic) Goat
Veal Elk Buffalo Meat Bone Soup / Stock
Beef/venison sausage, etc (organic w/ no pork casing and nitrite/nitrate free. Use sparingly.)

Fish (Make sure it has fins and scales)
Salmon Tuna Scrod Haddock Sea Bass Pompano
Trout Tilapia Snapper Mackerel Herring Whitefish
Halibut Cod Sole Grouper Mahi Mahi Wahoo
Orange Roughy Anchovies Fish Bone Soup / Stock Salmon (canned in spring water)
Tuna (canned in spring water) Sardines (canned in water or olive oil only)
Poultry (organic is best, but non-organic is still permitted)
Chicken Guinea Fowl Duck Turkey Cornish Hen
Liver & Heart (must be organic) Chicken/Turkey Bacon or Sausage (nitrite / nitrate free)

Luncheon Meat
Turkey (preservative & nitrate free)

Eggs– NOT grain fed (high omega-3/DHA)
Chicken eggs (whole with yolk) Duck eggs (whole with yolk)
Goat’s milk yogurt (plain) Goat’s milk kefir Soft/hard goat’s cheese
Unsweetened Almond, Hemp or Coconut Milk (I know they’re not dairy silly)

Fats and Oils (organic is best, but non-organic is still permitted)
Ghee Cow’s Milk Butter Goat’s Milk Butter Sesame Oil
Coconut Oil (BEST for cooking, sold in office) Hempseed Oil (NOT for cooking) Avocado
Flaxseed Oil (NOT for cooking) Virgin Olive Oil (NOT for cooking) Hemp Milk
Coconut Meat / Flakes / Milk Almond Milk (unsweetened)

Nuts and Seeds (non-roasted, organic, RAW or soaked is best, but non-organic is still permitted)
Sesame Seeds Hempseed Sunflower Seeds Pumpkin Seeds Pine Nuts
Sesame Butter Hempseed Butter Sunflower Butter Pumpkinseed Butter Almonds
Cashews Cashew Butter flaxseed
Vegetables (organic fresh or frozen)
Broccoli Asparagus Cauliflower Cabbage Squash Beets
Mushrooms Tomatoes Zucchini Peppers Artichoke Celery
Carrots Brussel Sprouts Eggplant Garlic Okra Spinach
String Beans Cucumber Pumpkin Onion Lettuce Kale
Leafy Greens (i.e. collard greens, mustard greens, etc.) Sea vegetables (kelp, dulce)
Sprouts (i.e. bean, sunflower, pea shoots, radish sprouts, etc.)
Raw, fermented vegetables (lacto-fermented only, no vinegar)
Fruits (organic fresh or frozen is best)
Blueberries Strawberries Blackberries
Cherries Grapefruit Lemon Lime Coconut (fresh/dried: great to add in
smoothies, yogurt, berries, etc)
Condiments, spices, seasonings(organic is best, but non-organic is still permitted)
Salsa (fresh is best) Guacamole (fresh) Sea Salt White Vinegar
Omega-3 Mayonnaise Pickled ginger Organic flavor extract
Organic mustard Horseradish Organic Soy Sauce (no MSG, use sparingly)
Wasabi (no additives) Coconut Flour Herbs, Spices, & Roots (no added stabilizers)
Coconut cream/milk Goat’s milk protein Canned Goat’s Milk/Cream
Olives Capers
Whole organic commercial salad dressings without high fructose corn syrup
Purified, non-chlorinated water Natural sparkling water, no carbonation (i.e. Perrier)
Herbal/green tea (preferably organic) – unsweetened or with a small amount of honey or stevia
Raw vegetable juice (in small quantities)
Unheated, raw honey (2 Tbsp/day max) Stevia Agave
Best of luck on you journey to eating healthier and being happier. 

Please share with us how it is going, the ups the downs and all that comes in between 





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Cleaning For A Reason

I received this information in an email earlier today and felt it was important to pass along.  If you or anyone you know is undergoing chemo please read on.

All My Best,


 Cleaning for a Reason – Help for women undergoing chemo If you know any woman currently undergoing Chemo, please pass the word to her that there is a cleaning service that provides FREE housecleaning – 1 time per month for 4 months while she is in treatment.   All she has to do is sign up and have her doctor fax a note confirming the treatment.   Cleaning for a Reason will have a participating maid service in her zip code area arrange for the service.;   Please pass this information on to bless a woman going through  Cancer treatment.   This organization serves the entire USA and currently has 547 partners to help these women.   It’s our job to pass the word and let them know that there are people out there that care.   Be a blessing to someone and pass this information along.

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A Valentines Day Walk to Remember

Lets catch up a little.  Yesterday was Valentines Day and I hope everyone had a great day with the people they love.  I spent most of the day with my little Valentine…my 1 year old Dominic.  It was a beautiful day in Southern California yesterday, about 75 degrees and blue sky’s so I decided to spend the day outside with Dominic.  I packed the diaper bag with EVERYTHING I could need, put littleman in the stroller and headed to the park 2 blocks from our apartment.  We played at the park for about 30 minutes and when he was good and tried I put Dominic in the stroller and started what would be a LONG but very enjoyable walk.  I wanted to walk to the Santa Monica pier which is about 5 miles from our apartment but I could walk along the bike path by the beach so it wouldn’t be to unpleasant. 

The the smell of the ocean, the breeze in my hair and the sun on my face made for a relaxing walk down the strand.  Dominic slept most of the way and I people watched.  It took me just over an hour to make it to the pier.  Dominic woke up when we got there and I decided to stop and have lunch.  We ate at a little seafood restaurant right on the pier, I was hoping it would be yummy but I have to say it wasnt the best food I ever ate.  I ordered fish n chips, I favorite of mine that I never really have because lets face it, it’s not the best thing you could ever put in your body.  But I went for it, I was in the middle of a 10 mile walk and felt I more than earned my fish n chips.  unfortunately they were not that good, the fish was lacking in flavor to say the least.  I peeled the beading away, because why waste the calories if it doesn’t taste good and ate just enough to give me energy to finish my 5 mile walk back home.  I had an apple in the diaperbag so I enjoyed that along the way. 

We walked almost all the way back to our apartment and I decided to take Dominic out of the stroller to play at the beach for a while.  He LOVED putting his little toes in the ocean and feeling the waves hit his legs.  We spent a little more time in the sand and then headed up the BIG hill to go home.  Dominic was exausted he took a 2 hour nap.  What a treat for me.  I enjoyed a healthy snack (whole wheat toast with peanut butter and honey and blueberries) I also got to enjoy a shower and watch a little TV before littleman woke up.

When Kent got home from work we enjoyed a nice dinner and watched a movie.  All in all is was the perfect Valentines day.  What did you do to celebrate?

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A Weekend of Wellness

I am so excited to be attending the Womens Wellness Weekend in Nashville TN. on February 26th and 27th.  This conference is sure to be jam packed with information and fun.

The Women’s Wellness Weekend is a two-day event designed to inspire and educate women to build a healthier life by positively changing their lifestyle. The conference brings together some of the most respected women in health and wellness from Tennessee and beyond to not only share their personal journeys to wellness and their passion for women’s health, but also to provide practical application workshops  so that women leave feeling empowered to transfer the knowledge and skills to their daily lives.  Attaining wellness requires caring for the whole person, including physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being. All the pieces of the puzzle must be securely in place for wellness to clearly appear. The Women’s Wellness Weekend offers the opportunity for women to find the place where “happy meets healthy” by putting all the pieces of the puzzle together.  

If you’ve ever struggled with stress, relationships, anxiety or mood swings.  This conference is for you.  If you’ve ever struggled with weight issues, body image concerns, or self-confidence.  This conference is for you.  If you’ve ever wondered if you could be healthier, happier or live a more fulfilling life.  This conference is for you.  If you are a woman seeking a greater sense of control over your own health and well-being and more balance in your life – this conference is for you.  This conference will offer you the motivation, resources and support system necessary to take steps toward a healthier, happier you and a life well lived.

Tickets are selling out fast and the deadline to buy is Feb. 19th.

To register go to use coupon code riendsbc and save $20.

P.S. Sure to draw a crowd will be the closing SURPRISE guest speaker from THE BIGGEST LOSER!!!!

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Mighty Mommies Fitness Helps Haiti

Mighty Mommies fitness is donating 10% of all Mighty Mommies 9 Months of Fitness DVD sales to the Red Cross (through February) to help victims of the Haiti earthquake.  Please order your copy today. 

Mighty Mommies 9 Months of Fitness is available on and

If you buy from you can use promo code MMHH and save $5

Not only will this DVD benefit you and your baby it will benefit those less fortunate than us.

  • exercises that target every major muscle group
  • strengthen and tone their body at any stage of pregnancy
  • maintain a healthy weight
  • increase energy and stamina
  • light cardio, stretching and plenty of modifications for every fitness level

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Blogging My Way to a Better Diet

I’m a fitness professional, obviously I know the importance of eating healthy and I exercise on a very regular basis, but I am also human so there are times where I enjoy junk food and take a day off from my workout routine.  Most recently I added another job title to my life…MOTHER:)  This is by far the best job title I could ever have.

My son just turned 1-year-old, he is very active and LOVES to eat, which is great.  In fact I havent found anything he won’t eat.  This makes preparing meals for him relatively easy and I do give him very healthy foods.  His favorite is fruit.  Every so often Dominic enjoys maccaroni and cheese or pizza or grilled cheese.  For snacks I sometimes give him a cereal bar and what baby doesn’t inhale Cheerios?

That being said it’s very easy for me to take bites of his yummy food without even thinking twice about it.  I know this is a common problem for many moms out there.  Yes, I said problem.  The reason it becomes a problem is BECAUSE we are not paying attention to how often we do it.  We think “oh its just a bite here or a taste there.”  Those calories add up…FAST!

Recently I add a new page to my blog, Food Journal and Fitness Log.  I wanted to share with all of you just how I maintain my health on a day-to-day basis.  I wanted you all to see that I do eat well, but sometimes I indulge, I do workout but sometimes I go easy on myself or take a day off.  I’m hoping to provide you with ideas and encouragment to do it for yourself and your families.  I ended up teaching my self a little something in the process. 

Like I said I am knowledgeable about food and calories but it wasnt until I added this page to my blog that I really started THINKING about my choices.  When I realized that I would have to share it all with you I reached for an apple instead of a granola bar, I reached for water instead of coffee, and I stopped to ask myself if I was about to put food in my mouth because I was actually hungry or because I was board or it just looked good. 

Being accountable to someone other than myself makes all the difference in the world.  Maybe it shouldnt but it does.  I enjoy sharing this little insight into my daily life with you and I hope you all enjoy it as well.  I hope you all see that everything in moderation truly is a great way for living a healthy, happy life. 

Please feel free to join in on this page and post what  you have eaten and what your workout routines are.  No judgment here, I promise, just motivation, encouragement and support.

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It’s Raining It’s Pouring….I can’t Workout!

Los Angeles is a city of hikers, bikers, runners and  walkers.  We love to get out doors to get our exercise and endorphins going.  We don’t see rain very much here but when it comes boy does it come!  It has rained HARD non-stop for 2 days and shows no sign of letting up.  I enjoy the outdoor workouts but have had to get a bit creative right now.  I have a 1-year-old so figuring out how to workout in my house on a rainy day with him running around me is a bit of a challenge but it CAN be done.  Below is the link to 10 minute video that you can do with me to get a GREAT cardio workout.

In addition to workout videos you can try to do these different exercises throughout the day.

Jumping Jacks : do as many as you can in 1 minute

Push-ups:  push-ups work your entire body, including your chest, back and core

crunches: get down on the ground and do crunches in sets of 50-100

here is a link to 8 minutes of killer crunches with me and Brooke Burke

Lastly, work those arms: grab a set of hand weights and do bicep curls, shoulder press, lateral side raises and tricep extensions.

One more link to awesome arms with me!

I hope these are some helpful exercises and videos to get you through the rain, snow and winter weather.

What are your favorite ways to exercise on rainy days?

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