Mighty Mommies Fitness is a place to find and share information about pregnancy, mommyhood and all things fitness.  The content is fueled not only by my journey that I take to be a Mighty Mommy, but also by the amazing moms that I have the pleasure of training and working with everyday as well as the latest research on pregnancy and fitness.   Mighty Mommies Fitness strives to teach women how they can continue their regular exercise program or begin a new one and feel safe while doing so.  My goal is to show women that you can have it all, be a great mom, business woman, significant other…whatever it is you want we are here to inspire you through health and well being.  Whether you started your fitness program before you conceived, in the middle of your pregnancy or 5 years after your last child was born, the important thing is that you are on this path and we can walk it together. 


About Me:

Founder Autumn Calabrese-Guzman

My name is Autumn Calabrese-Guzman, I am a wife and working mom to a beautiful  baby boy.  I am passionate about all things health and fitness as well as the founder of Mighty Mommies Fitness in Los Angeles.   I love learning about anything that can help me lead a healthier lifestyle and work every day to pass this message on to my family, friends and clients.  That being said I am not a health NUT!  I love food (especially anything chocolate) a good glass of wine and going out dancing.  I believe everything in moderation.  A life long fitness enthusiast with 14 years of dance training, I turned my passion for dance and teaching into a desire to help women stay fit and healthy before, during and after pregnancy.

Being a new mom to a beautiful baby boy, I can relate to my clients through personal experience.  I holds three personal training certifications with a specialty in pre and postnatal fitness.  I am  dedicated to teaching pregnant women how to get fit and take care of their health. My commitment to clients coupled with unending exuberance for life and health mean I am not only a trainer, but a friend and a life coach.  By focusing on the integration of fitness, nutrition and behavioral changes, I will empower you to identify and achieve personal goals that equate to both physical and psychological well being.

Autumn has been featured in the Yoga Booty Ballet Baby on the Way fitness DVD as well as
C Magazine, LA Parent “The Best of LA”, The Palisadian Post and Daily Candy.  She is
currently working on her Dula certification and looks forward to helping many more women
along their journey to motherhood.

 Thanks for visiting Mighty Mommies Fitness.  Please leave a comment or feel free to email me at autumn@mightymommies.com

How Did Mighty Mommies Come About:

Four years ago while working as a personal trainer, my sister came to me with exciting news…she was pregnant.   Also dedicated to her health and fitness program, she wanted to know what she could do while pregnant.  I began to do research and soon pursued my pre and postnatal certification.  I quickly realized what a need there was for fitness for the pregnant woman.  Thus Mighty Mommies was formed.  Since I started Mighty Mommies I have had the great pleasure of training women before they conceived, throughout their pregnancy and brought them back to their pre-pregnancy weight.  We have had a GREAT time doing it and I look forward to many more years and helping many more women along this exciting journey.


You must consult your doctor before performing this or any other workout routine or new nutrition plan.  Everyone has a unique set of circumstances so not all exercise, nutrition, wellness or health programs are suitable for everyone, and some may result in injury. Any person performing  a workout or making changes to their lifestyle assumes all responsibility or liability for any ill effects resulting from any exercises or wellness suggestions. The advice and trainer instructions are in no way intended to replace or substitute medical counseling. The creators, producers, and distributors of this information in no way assume any liability in connection with the exercises or advice given.


2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Christina@Health-Foodie  |  March 22, 2010 at 2:19 am

    Wow, you look INCREDIBLE! I wish I lived in your ares so that you could train me! haha

    • 2. mightymommiesfitness  |  March 22, 2010 at 3:32 am

      My new website is launching soon and there will be workout downloads that you can purchase. Stay tuned. Soon anyone anywhere can train with me:)


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