Second Trimester Fitness

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Can you believe it? 14 weeks has passed and you are now in your second trimester.  Morning sickness should be subsiding, your energy should be on its way back and before you know it you will feel the first movements from your little bundle of joy.  This is the second trimester and probably the time you will feel BEST during your pregnancy.  Enjoy it! 

Once again we need to look at your workout routine and make a few minor adjustments.  First of all it is best if you no longer lay on your back for long periods of times, as this can put pressure on your Vena Cava, slowing the blood flow back to you heart and causing you to get dizzy.  It can also slow the blood flow to your baby.  Im sure your first thought is that you can no longer do crunches or any exercise to keep your abdominal muscles strong because you can’t lay on your back….NOT TRUE.  It is important to continue to work your core muscles all the way to the end of your pregnancy.  There are a few ways to modify your abdominal exercises.

1.) Most crunches can be done standing up: This might sound weird but it works and is very safe for you and the baby.  Here is a link on how to do a standing crunch as well as a standing bicycle crunch.

2.) You can also do exercises in a sitting position.  Once again this prevents the baby from putting pressure on the Vena Cava.  Here is a link of mine on how to do sitting abdominal exercises.

3.) Plank is also a great abdominal exercise.  If you are a beginner start on your knees and work your way up to the more advanced versions.  Here is the link on how to do a plank.

Now that we’ve covered working your core lets talk about cardio.  Your blood volume has been steadily increasing and soon your body will be caught up and your heart won’t have to work quiet as hard as it did in the first trimester.  You will still get out of breath much faster than you did before you were pregnant, you are growing a baby afterall.  In the 2nd trimester you can usually step up your cardio just a little.  You can walk a little faster, swim a little longer or bike a for a few extra minutes.  It is still important to listen to your body and not over do it.  If you feel good go for it, but remember if you are tired or not feeling good take it easy or take the day off. 

All of the rules from the first trimester still apply in the second.  Drink plenty of water, don’t exercise in extreme heat, wear loose fitting clothes that keep you cool and most important have your doctors permission before you begin a fitness program.

What types of exercise will you do during your second trimester?


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