It’s Raining It’s Pouring….I can’t Workout!

January 20, 2010 at 10:24 pm Leave a comment

Los Angeles is a city of hikers, bikers, runners and  walkers.  We love to get out doors to get our exercise and endorphins going.  We don’t see rain very much here but when it comes boy does it come!  It has rained HARD non-stop for 2 days and shows no sign of letting up.  I enjoy the outdoor workouts but have had to get a bit creative right now.  I have a 1-year-old so figuring out how to workout in my house on a rainy day with him running around me is a bit of a challenge but it CAN be done.  Below is the link to 10 minute video that you can do with me to get a GREAT cardio workout.

In addition to workout videos you can try to do these different exercises throughout the day.

Jumping Jacks : do as many as you can in 1 minute

Push-ups:  push-ups work your entire body, including your chest, back and core

crunches: get down on the ground and do crunches in sets of 50-100

here is a link to 8 minutes of killer crunches with me and Brooke Burke

Lastly, work those arms: grab a set of hand weights and do bicep curls, shoulder press, lateral side raises and tricep extensions.

One more link to awesome arms with me!

I hope these are some helpful exercises and videos to get you through the rain, snow and winter weather.

What are your favorite ways to exercise on rainy days?


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