Appreciate Me Now Cause You’ll Miss Me Later!

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Sleep, that is.  I wish someone would have told me when I was pregnant to appreciate every minute of sleep that I got.  Yes you know you will have ups and downs when your baby arrives and yes you know you will be sleep deprived, but you can’t possibly fully grasp the concept until it happens.  By the end of my pregnancy I dreaded the evening because I knew it would be another night of tossing and turning trying to get comfortable while my husband slept like a baby next to me (by the way the expression “slept like a baby” no longer makes sence to me).  Looking back it really wasn’t that bad, I had a little lower back ache and my butt would go numb if I slept on one side for to long but at the end of the day I still got to sleep.  That all changed when my 7lb 8oz bundle of joy arrived last January.  The first night in the hospital was CRAZY to say the least.  The bed was uncomfortable and my husband and I were sharing it.  Dominic did ok waking every 2 hours to eat but I just could rest.  Then we got home and the first few nights seemed like they would never end.  I was breastfeeding so there was not much my husband could do when Dominic would wake up to eat.  It was all up to me.  I tried to sleep a little during the day but once my husband went back to work that became more of a challenge.  After a few weeks we began to find our routine and things got  a bit easier.  That or I just got used to the lack of sleep.  By 8 weeks Dominic was sleeping 4-5 hours at a time and by 12 weeks he was sleeping through the night.  I thought I was home free and I was for a while.  Then we had a big move happen in our lives and everything has been a bit out of control since.  We moved to a new apartment and my husbands job took him out of the state for the next 6 months.  Now like clock work Dominic wakes up every night at 10:30pm and again at 3:30am.  It doesn’t take much to get him back to sleep but oh how I long for the days when he would sleep from 7pm to 7am.  All of this being said my advice to any mommy-to-be out there is appreciate all of your sleep, regardless of how uncomfortable you are.  Appreciate the quite time at night to read a book, watch at T.V. show from start to finish or enjoy a hot meal.  Your bundle of joy will be the BEST thing that ever happens to you but there will be a small part that misses the days of going to bed late and waking up even later.

pregnancy sleep

*Lack of sleep can affect your concentration, growth, hormone production and your sanity (you could hallucinate)


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