Whats In Your Hospital Bag?

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The day is quickly approaching….your due date….it’s time to pack your bag for the hospital but what do you put in it?  Well my friends let me say this, there are a million lists out there with everything on them from gum and messagers to laptops and phone lists.  I am not everyone but I know I packed my bag with A LOT of stuff I didn’t need and was lacking on a few things I wished I’d had.  The biggest mistake I made was thinking I was going to have a “normal” delivery and be in and out of the hospital in 48 hours.  Turns out I was in labor for 23 hours and ended up having to have a C-Section which meant I had to stay for 4 days.  I had only packed my bag for being in the hospital for one day so I only had one outfit to change into.  My loving husband ran home and got me another after day 2.  I had read to bring your own pillow but thought why bother it will only be one day….BIG mistake I would have killed for my own pillow.  Sleeping on a flat hospital pillow with no support made for a very unhappy mommy.   Another thing I didnt pack was snacks, any one who knows me knows I like to eat and if I am hungry and don’t eat I am not so much fun to be around.  The hospital brings you three meals a day (some ok but some….lets just say questionable) but I eat every 3-4 hours with healthy snacks in-between.  Not having any ment my husband had to keep running down stairs to the cafeteria to get me food.  I didn’t think I would care how I looked but by day 3 when we kept having visitors and I felt fat and sloppy I would have liked to have had a little makeup and a blow dryer for my hair.  There are some very unpleasant photos of me floating around out there from those first few days of my baby boys life.  So all this being said I have put my own checklist below, take from it what you will but remember life doesn’t always go as planned soprego suitcase be sure to pack for all situations.

Hospital Bag Checklist


  • admission papers/forms
  • Cash
  • Camera/video camera (film, batteries, charger)
  • Health insurance card


  • Ipod
  • Birth plan

Thats it for that, I didn’t need much.  I spent most of my labor at home walking around.  If you are at the hospital for most of your labor you might want a pair of non-slip slippers for walking around and a magazine or two during early labor to flip through.

After Birth

  • clothes to change in to (you’re a woman bring more than one choice 🙂 )
  • Extra Pillows
  • snacks (healthy ones remember you need to nourish your body and your baby)
  • Change of clothes for your partner (don’t forget this person they will want to clean up as well)
  • toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, hairbrush, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, chapstick, contacts/solution, ponny tail holders)
  • Phone and phone charger


  • Robe
  • nightgown (a ruin-able one)
  • slippers
  • nursing bras
  • nursing pads
  • underwear (maternity is best, ones that you don’t mind getting ruined)
  • socks

For your baby

  • Going home outfit
  • receiving blankets (although the hospital will give you blankets)
  • Hat/cap (hospital does provide this as well)
  • approved carseat
  • extra diapers

Like I said this is just my list….there are so many more things that you can bring, just remember you want to make sure that you are packing for a few days…just in case.  You want to pack for comfort and you want to make sure you pack practically.  If you don’t know what a birthing ball is you probably don’t need to bring one, if you have no intention of doing it naturally then you might not even need your ipod, if you LOVE back rubs then you might want to bring message oil or a small messager for your partner to use in-between contractions.  Good luck on your very special day.  Please feel free to ask questions or post some of the items you found most useful during your labor and delivery.


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