To Exercise or Not to Exercise?

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When a woman becomes pregnant there are hundreds of questions, but for a woman who enjoys being physically active one big question may be “How much is too much when it comes to exercise?”

The mommy-to-be should keep aerobic activity to 45 minutes or less and not exercise in hot or humid weather, since overheating can be harmful to the developing fetus.

Remember to drink water because dehydration can slow blood flow, which may limit nutritional flow to your baby. Dehydration can also predispose you to premature labor.

Your next question may be “Why take the risk?” Exercise during pregnancy is not a risk when done properly. In fact there are several benefits to you and your baby.

For starters, exercising moms gain about 8 Lbs less than non-exercising moms. Studies show that 65 percent of women who exercise until term will deliver in fewer than 4 hours, and will deliver 5-7 days earlier than non-exercising women.

There are several benefits for the baby as well. The placenta of moms who exercise grows bigger at a more rapid rate. This allows for more nutrients and oxygen to get to the growing baby, thus a healthier baby. Continuing regular exercise throughout pregnancy decreases fetal fat without decreasing overall growth. This means a much smaller chance of your baby having weight issues as a child, adolescent and adult.

As a personal trainer and the founder of Mighty Mommies Fitness, I recommend a few key exercises. Just remember to get a doctor’s consent before starting any physical Fitness program.

When working out, it is important to start with a 5 min. warm-up. Taking a brisk walk is a great way to get the body moving and can also be used as your cardio routine by picking up the pace a little and continuing for 30-45 min. I also recommend a few toning and strengthening exercises like supported squats, abdominal pulses, bicep curls and kegels.


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