Body After Baby

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Being a trainer who specializes in preand postnatal fitness, it was my job to keep myself in shape throughout my pregnancy…..which I did (in my opinion). I still gained 36lbs but I worked out 5 days a week right up until I delivered. It wasn’t always easy and it wasn’t always fun but I knew at the end of it all I would be happy that I did it.

Don’t get me wrong I DO enjoy working out so more often than not I looked forward to my workouts but like I said it wasn’t ALWAYS fun. Knowing that it was not only good for me but for my growing baby is was kept me motivated.
Benefits of exercising throughout your pregnancy….
  • reduce pregnancy discomforts (lower back pain, swelling in your legs etc.)
  • shorter labor
  • less weight gain
  • faster recovery
  • babies have higher APGAR scores
  • babies are more calm
  • babies sleep better

Below is a picture of me at 34 weeks pregnant and one of me 11 weeks postpartum.

I wish I could tell you there is a miracle way of doing it but there is not. It came down to one thing and one thing only…..wait for it…..JUST DO THE WORK!!!!

I worked out 5 days a week through the pregnancy, had a C-Section, waited 3 weeks to recover and then started working out 5 days a week again. Let me point out I was cleared for ALL physical activity by my doctor before I started to exercise again.

34 weeks pregnant 34 weeks pregnant

11 weeks postpartum

11 weeks postpartum


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To Exercise or Not to Exercise?

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